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Our expertise allows us to create top quality polypropylene compounds for the Automotive Industry based on virgin material, as well as compounds using post-industrial and post-consumption waste, meeting the highest requirements of our customers.

Listening to our customers we are always developing a wide range of products in order to meet the increasingly technical requirements of various sectors such as automotive, building and civil industries, horticulture, and - more generally - industrial applications.

For applications requiring specific characteristics (physical, chemical or mechanical properties or special colours), our Research & Development team is at your disposal to consider the feasibility of a compound meeting your functional requirements.


Our production equipment:

  • 4 extrusion lines:
    • 1 compounding line 
    • 3 regeneration lines, including 1 forced hopper lines
  • Homogenisation silos for polypropylene pellets before packaging, guaranteeing the constant quality of substances.


  • 1 integrated shredding and washing line
  • Storage silos used to formulate and homogenise plastics before extrusion


Our mastery of the process and our controls throughout the manufacturing cycle ensure the production of high quality compounds and guaranty traceability.





The avenue de Beaujeu has changed name,
the physical address of the site is now:


C2P sas

300 avenue de l'épie

69400 ARNAS

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